Project: an in-feed survey experience designed to keep people answering questions to build their data profile for future monetisation 

Who does Pureprofile serve? 

Consumers who answer questions to earn money and points as well as businesses who need qualitative, quantitative or user research.  

The outcome Pureprofile consumer users want is ...

 To earn rewards and monetise their answers to questions.

The problem Pureprofile solved was ...

Delivering answers to questions at scale. 

The role of head of content, profile and insights

Connecting all content - from in-feed experiences to email, social, website, advertising and sales collateral - to one consistent experience of Pureprofile for consumers and business. 

Transforming the content experience into an engagement data production engine.

Onboarding flows: defining the best question/answer flows to quickly engage users to start sharing answers.

UX writing: create a voice and style guide that engages consumer users while also keeping them informed about data use.

Working in agile squads: liaising with development, product and UI teams to deliver campaigns at scale.

Social media, email, video and web publishing: led a team of designers, producers and survey programmers to produce thousands of campaigns every month.

User research: exploring interviews and preference tests to optimise the experience and develop custom content management processes to scale the business quickly.

Data journalism: testing and iterating data visualisation and automated data storytelling using the Pureprofile platform.

Production documentation: technical content to explain how to quickly produce, scale and publish research campaigns.


Created all homepage and supporting terms copy to align communications across the product experience

Liaised with University of Western Australia academics to build out The Values Project.


With a commitment to data transparency, we crafted Australia's first plain English privacy terms.


By registering a personal account, you’ll be asked to provide some personal and sensitive information, as detailed here and in our Terms of Service.

Our Privacy Policy is based on the following provisions:

We are absolutely committed to these policies. If you have any concerns or questions relating to this document or our Terms of Service, please feel free to contact us

More simply put

Pureprofile is founded on the principle of making the things you do online more valuable. We know that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and as a result, we take your privacy very seriously. By registering a personal account, you agree to understand and accept this Privacy Policy.


Developed engaging question-answer experiences to generate data and insights that would benefit business and consumer users.

Pureprofile content and business strategy