NSW Department of customer service

Project: COVID-19 content strategy to support the people and businesses of NSW through the pandemic.

Who does nsw.gov.au serve? 

People and businesses living or visiting NSW who needed to understand the rules and guidance to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What problem do they have?

To understand fast-changing rules about masks, transport, travelling, working and schooling. 

My role in the nsw.gov.au/COVID-19 project

UX writing: develop reassuring plain English content to keep people and businesses up to date.  

Governance: liaising with stakeholders to develop engaging, accessible and user-centric content. 

Optimising information journeys: constantly re-organising information heirarchies and content based on data and insights.


Tightening information architecture and wayfinding pages was critical for an informative COVID-19 content journey. 


Created accessibility checklists and Style Guides to define how we used terms and phrases - for example, should the virus be referred to as COVID-19, Coronavirus, covid or SARS-CoV-2?  

Read the COVID-19 content style guide

See the PUBLISH checklist