pureprofile: scaling surveys into content strategy

Creating 1000s of content-led question campaigns to create insights, grow engagement & generate data

Pureprofile is now a market research panel provider, but once had ambitions to build a data product to enable people to make money from their personal information.

Pureprofile needed a content and engagement strategy to build out their data while simultaneously growing their panel.

We created and produced thousands of targeted question and answer campaigns that were fun to complete while educating users about their personal information and insights about the world around them.

The end goal was to build a large segment of people who would earn a slice of the value of their personal data.

Data storytelling and insights were the ‘hero’ of the Pureprofile content strategy, and we quickly built a team to scale content production, analyse data and write and design insights, reports and new ideas.

The goal was to grow the overall numbers of audience, but also the valuable segments - the men under the age of 25 and those high-earning over 45s - to the audience to gro

Profile Content & Insights Work At Pureprofile

The team managed all paid, owned & earned content creation

I led tone of voice & style guide creation for consistency

At-scale content curation

We developed tens of thousands of campaigns, scoring publishers, categorising content types and content interests

Building a new content management system

The content, profile and insights team engineered a content management system using Salesforce to connect all data. Later, this content management system was rebuilt in Airtable by our team.

Developing content, data & campaigns

Pureprofile powered News Corp's NewsConnect product and our team worked to develop campaigns and data-generating ideas for publishers and marketers.