Pureprofile content strategy

At Pureprofile, Alex led a consumer engagement strategy to grow Pureprofile account holders and educate those survey-takers  to understand the value of their personal data and insights about the world around them. Her key role was to make sure account holders could be educated about the future proposition of a profile where people earn a slice of the value of their personal data.

Educating people about data


Data storytelling and insights were the ‘hero’ of the Pureprofile content strategy, and the content team upskilled to not only generate question and answer campaigns but also analyse the insights and report them back to the audience.



The logged in experience of Pureprofile, email, monthly engagement promotions and Facebook were the supporting platforms for the content strategy, with plans to extend content creation into a non-logged in website experience and other social platforms as resourcing allowed.

Facebook content

The first project I launched was content profiling, which asked logged in account holders to share the topics, formats and platforms they enjoyed consuming content on. This involved creating large taxonomies as well as compelling ‘thank you’ facts to keep the audience interested in answering more questions.

Content strategy


The data creation initiatives also included creating demographics and psychographic campaigns, along with a markets and products taxonomy.

Content strategy


The content team generated promotional content to ensure engagement objectives were maintained each month. These promotions relied on social and email triggers to drive users to login and complete questions and answers. A prize incentive was usually on offer, but users were not paid to complete campaigns (which was the typical user behaviour – they earned money for completing surveys on behalf of clients).

Engagement campaigns

Pureprofile content strategy

The profile, content & insights team were aiming to create an engagement cycle so users would come and build a profile for the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

Build a pureprofile

Content strategy