Mortgage Stressbusters

Mortgage Stressbusters


Dreaming of being debt free? Wondering what a tumultuous property market will mean for your financial future? Wanting to buy, sell or invest in property without being ripped off or paying a mortgage for the term of your natural life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Mortgage Stressbusters is a must-read. This plain-English, Q&A guide to mortgages and residential property will help you to end mortgage stress once and for all. Not only will you learn how to save money — and time — on your mortgage, but you’ll also learn the tricks, tips and tactics that will get you ahead in the property game.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • how to get the best mortgage deal
  • how to buy property successfully, no matter what the market is doing
  • how to pay off your mortgage — fast
  • what to do if you can’t pay your mortgage.

Whether you’re stuck in the mortgage mire or just trying to stay ahead, Mortgage Stressbusters is the book for you!

This book explores the ins and outs of the mortgage. It’s a financial tool that provides us with the comforts of home ownership – yet keeps us awake at night. Rent may well have been considered ‘dead money’, but there’s nothing deader than mortgage interest. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a mortgage provider over the life of a loan can feel positively zombie-like, with mortgage debt rising up to bite you at the turn of a Reserve Bank interest rate hike or a change in circumstances (think death, divorce or delivering babies).

Mortgage Stressbusters contains property and financing secrets to save time, money and heartache about debt secured by housing. There are also plenty of property wealth tips to get you on the right path to successful home ownership and investing.

Buying our own home is a dream that’s alive and well but increasingly out of reach as housing affordability levels skyrocket. The mortgage is still the best way to achieve financial security through home ownership and investment, so it’s worth understanding the process, tactics and negotiation strategies to find the right one for your circumstances.

Mortgages are merely a means to an ends – a monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayment that ultimately leads to owning a home. The flexibility and choice on offer in the Australian mortgage market means more of us are able to access our home equity (the part of our home we actually own), which gives us two choices – investing or divesting. We can invest by buying more property or shares, or we can divest our home equity by buying a new car, holiday or paying off a credit card. Not surprisingly, more of us are feeling mortgage stress under the weight of debt that is not producing the “wealth effect” we had hoped for.

Finding the right mortgage for your circumstances, creating equity and knowing how to make property wealth work for you are the keys to banishing mortgage stress forever.