How to survive when your company cuts costs

First the biscuits disappear from the tearoom, then the stationery cupboard goes on security watch and, finally, the jobs go. It feels like the end is near, but there are ways to beat the office gloom.

how to survive doom and gloom in the office“I refuse to participate in the global financial crisis, and so should everyone,” says Geoff Morgan, the founder of recruitment companies Morgan & Banks and Talent2, and job networking site “Unemployment is only at 5.4 per cent, which means 94.6 per cent of people have a job!”

Morgan, author of books such as Flourish And Prosper and Getting That Job, says a recession can stimulate business innovation, and now is the time for management and workers to show their mettle. “It’s incumbent on the boss to motivate and send the message that the company will survive regardless of the economy,” he says. Good managers will give their team tools and tips to think creatively and generate new business leads.

Morgan says those feeling less than enthusiastic about doing a job that two or three people used to do must change their mindset: “You want to be the employee who stands out, not the one they might choose to make redundant.”

Workers must still turn up to work early, come up with creative ideas and seize every opportunity to prove they’re an asset to their employer, even if they don’t feel like it.

“People who start feeling unmotivated need to start a fitness program or go for a walk or a bike ride and remember how lucky they are,” he says.

“They can always go and find another job. In these times, companies will always want the best people – they might tell you they aren’t hiring, but they will always take on an employee who can add value.”

Here are some other ideas for surviving a gloomy office environment:

1. It’s not forever
Stress is impermanent. Deadlines are impermanent. This too shall pass. The next time you catch yourself getting frustrated or stressed out, say to yourself: “This feeling will not last forever…” and simply get on with it.

2. Drink green tea and water

Hey, we all know coffee gets you through everything, but it can keep you feeling stressed and on edge. Green tea contains anti-oxidants that are said to lead to an increased sense of well-being and happiness. Drinking eight glasses of water a day cleans out toxins and impurities and helps your organs process all the junk. Change your drinking habits and see if it improves your mood.

3. Smile, you will make the world a better place

Smiling has been scientifically shown to trigger a chemical response that makes you happier. Yes, you can fake it ’til you make it. What this means is that the physical action of smiling makes you happier even if you have nothing to smile about! Try smiling and see how it changes your mind.

4. Embolden yourself to be your very best

When you get into a career there is a big temptation to start thinking about yourself and no one else. This self-centredness seems the right thing to do, but happiness experts believe serving others is the true key to success.



This article was first published in the Sun-Herald.