Data storytelling

data storytelling

Making stories from data requires skills in data creation, preparation and analysis. The storytelling is actually the easy part!

As a content strategist, I have always relied on data for insights to create a meaningful content strategy. Kidspot’s fast audience growth was driven by data and insights.

As Head of Content at Pureprofile, my role required developing data analysis skills to really drive engagement and a data storytelling strategy. I had to upskill on data preparation, especially weighting and statistical significance, to discover the ‘context’ for the data and create a compelling story.

data storytellingThe team I led worked to generate data through questions and answers – also called campaigns – that were completed in the Pureprofile feed. Some campaigns were simple and fun, but others explored consumer and content behaviours.

We were working to specifically develop better insights and data for publishers to ultimately build tools that enabled publishers to better monetise their data assets. My first big project was to develop a taxonomy of content interests and content consumption habits.


The profile, content and insights team also worked with a leading academic team from University of Western Australia on the Values Project, to augment international research into the study of Values, one of the most stable traits we tend to hold.

data storytelling


The Values Project work aligns to the profile architecture work the team also worked on, to allow people to ultimately see a visualisation of their profile. Pureprofile verifies basic questions like age, gender, location as well as demographics, psychographics and market/brand behaviours. Our team worked to mock up how profiles may look to users, with the goal of encouraging users to answer more questions to see deeper insights about themselves.


One exploration of profile …

We generated and created data to build visualisation pages that would ultimately encourage users to keep answering more questions. For example, we created stories around users’ property status, discovering that the biggest change to how financially comfortable people felt related to their property status of renting, buying or owning property.

We created a storytelling page using an Unbounce page, Tableau visualisations and our own copy and graphics to enable us to brief our Product and Dev teams to create automated data story pages.

data visualisation

We created several mock data visualisations to help brief in page builds, using our own data generation to tell the stories.

data storytelling


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