Omit needless words

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Omit needless words

“OMIT NEEDLESS WORDS. Shorter is better,” was the mantra I was taught by the crusty subeditors I worked with at newspapers. And I still swear by it everyday (even though I break other rules by starting my sentences with ‘And’).

Twitter is adding functionality to double its tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters. That’s a whole lot more words that can make it into a tweet.

The news inspired the Twitter comedians to pump out the funnies, but none more so than a beautifully edited tweet!


twitter moving to 280 characters

All it makes me ponder is whether people will be more eloquent with double the space? Probably not …

Oh, and there’s very few sub-editors left working their craft of shaming people for their endless word wastage and spelling errors. More’s the pity.