Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Content should establish an active relationship with potential customers. For this reason, content strategy needs to present a consistent image and presence across all of the necessary marketing channels for engagement.

Imagine yourself having a conversation with someone new. This person is engaging you by looking into your eyes and talking about something dear to you. The content you discuss is so relevant to your life, it feels like you both know each other, even if you just met.

Wouldn’t that be more appealing than someone constantly switching subjects, never taking the time to present a clear, consistent message that means something? In addition, they never seem to have a personality or voice that you can quite pin down. Every once in a while, they may share something interesting. But a constant dissonance in the way they present themselves and their ideas is ultimately off-putting, and at worst, untrustworthy.

This relationship dynamic illustrates why it is essential to practice harmonious and effective content strategy. Dynamic and cutting-edge marketing content is about establishing a relationship with individuals. Its consistency allows a potential customer to not only know what your brand is and what they offer, but also that they are dependable.

The Importance of Content Strategy and Strategic Content Marketing

As we covered in Strategic Content Marketing, you want to make sure the content you’re presenting your audience matches their needs. It doesn’t make sense to write about kid’s shows if you’re targeting a sophisticated audience, much like it doesn’t make sense to write hoity toity content if you’re actually targeting the hoi polloi.

Once you have that target audience in mind, it doesn’t make sense to stray too far from it. As long as you understand your audience, you don’t want to go targeting different audiences and distracting from your core message.

If your social media is tongue-in-cheek but your content is formal, you’ll confuse the audience. This audience simply wants a place where they know they’ll belong, and a lack of consistency robs them of that.

There may of course be occasions where you don’t want to keep targeting the same clientele. You may wish to break into a new target market, for instance. We’ll address that concern in the next section.

What If You Want to Change Your Strategy?

There will be times where you want to change the strategy you’re using. If your brand is moving in a different direction, you should absolutely let that change be reflected in the content you provide to your audience. You just want to make sure that you’re not regularly making changes to your strategy, as this can dilute your brand, confusing audiences and making your business forgettable.

You should articulate changes to your content strategy in a way that keeps audiences connected. A change in your brand’s look is a change in your story. So long as that change sings along with what your brand always promises to be, your audiences will come along for the journey.

Make All Your Content Sing from the Same Hymn Book

Your strategies are going to inevitably utilize every type of channel from your website, to your videos, and to your social media. It may be tempting to shift the flavor or tone of content to match the changing landscapes. However, effective content strategy involves ensuring that your marketing content speaks the same language regardless of where it’s located.

Audiences are looking for a genuine story told by a brand. We look for instant information and feedback on our live feeds and even utilize outside influencers to help formulate our opinions. If your brand’s story fluctuates from email to social media presence, consumers will instantly identify this disharmony and it will affect how they perceive you.