Digital Content Marketing and SEO

Content is King

Digital Content Marketing and SEO

“Content is king.” If you spend enough time in SEO circles, you’ll be overfamiliar with this phrase. But what does it mean? How can content help you rank well on the Google?

Content is King

Why Is Digital Content Marketing Important for SEO?

A lot of SEO revolves around trying to get Google to notice your site.

You do this by making sure the site’s technical performance doesn’t do anything to hinder the crawling bots: this means making sure your site loads quickly, that it’s optimized for mobile devices, and so on.

You also want to ensure Google that your website is trustworthy. You do this by getting incoming links to your site. Google assumes that the more high-quality links you have pointing to your site, the more high-quality your site is.

That said, once Google has noticed your site, it needs something it can rank. That something? It’s content.

The content on your site needs to be written so that it has the right keywords, leading Google to rank it for the right terms. It also needs to be written well enough that it engages people: drawing them in, convincing them of your authority, and getting them to buy your products/services.

Content Marketing and Link Building

Above, we made brief mention of link building: this is a complicated, ever-changing art, which is designed to get people linking to your website. This increases your “domain authority,” which increases the likelihood that Google ranks your site.

There are a variety of ways to do this, but just as Google needs content to rank, link builders need content to link to. The more substantive the content is, the more it impacts the reader’s life, the more likely sites are to link to this page and help it rise in the rankings.

Need a Content Strategy That’ll Help You Increase Your Rankings?

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