About Alex

About Alex Brooks

Words matter …

Alex has been a writer and editor since newspapers, magazines and books were a thing. She fell in love with digital back in 2006, when she became one of Fairfax’s first bloggers with her Renovation Nation blog.

Alex went on to edit Australia’s largest parenting website, Kidspot.com.au, before setting up a digital content brand for an Australian political party. She then worked as head of content for an ad tech and market research company, exploring data creation and data storytelling for publishers.

A skilled writer, Alex understands the ins and outs of content marketing, copy and digital strategy for business outcomes. She has worked with data, social media, video and user-generated content in both short form and long form. Alex has also published three books under her married name of Alex May.

Alex has been a publisher of lifestyle and youth magazines  and crafted hundreds of magazine features. Alex edited several magazines, including City Weekly and Girlfriend magazine. She successfully launched eco lifestyle G magazine online, too.

Great at building audiences, Alex believes nothing is as powerful as quality content to earn people’s attention and lead them to an outcome or action.

She has used all manner of content, from infographics to video, to create content that converts. Alex has helped hundreds of clients meet their copywriting and content requirements , from car giant Ford, to Energy Australia to small and medium businesses.

Story Instinct. Business Insight

Alex has demonstrated the power of content to build large and small audiences that will take action.

She is always keen to challenge and extend herself with new clients and opportunities.